Show: Character Matters
Host:  Dr. George Simon
Airs:   Sunday 7 PM ET/4 PM PT
Web:  Blog, Website, Articles

Dr. George Simon has gained worldwide recognition as one of the foremost authorities on manipulation and disturbances of personality and character. He is a bestselling author who has appeared on national radio and television programs, including Fox News Network and CNN.

Dr. Simon’s first book, In Sheep’s Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People, has been published in several foreign languages and is in its 20th domestic printing and has been an Amazon bestseller for years. His second book, Character Disturbance is also a bestseller and enjoys a 5-star reviewer rating on Amazon. His first book targeted to the Christian faith community, The Judas Syndrome, recently released by Abingdon Press, has been steadily gaining in popularity and also enjoys a 5-star rating.

Dr. Simon has over 25 years experience working with character-impaired individuals and those who have found themselves in relationships with such persons. He has given over 300 instructional seminars and workshops and has also consulted to various businesses, agencies, and organizations seeking his expertise on character disturbance. He has written hundreds of online articles on character issues and other important psychology topics, which can be found on several popular blogs such as and


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