Show: The Corporation Nation Archives
Hosts: Clint Richardson
Airs:    Sunday 5 PM ET/2 PM PT
Web:   Corporation Nation Radio Archives
[email protected]

A focus on natural law and how to reclaim the natural rights each of us have lost through the contractual nature of citizenship as artificial persons to the “State”. Other topics vary from government’s hidden trillions in CAFR investment wealth, the trivium method of education, Agenda 21, Common Core, the dangers of vaccination, and other pressing national and global issues.

Clint is a primary researcher, writer, radio personality, and film-maker specializing in the audited Annual Financial Statements (CAFR) of the corporate government (municipal corporations) and its ownership stock investment in private industry. He currently resides in Utah, where a gigantic NSA center was recently built in his backyard. He is currently in the process of severing his citizenship to the municipal corporation of Washington D.C., and wishes to help others follow the same path to become free men.



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