Show: Greek News On Demand
Host:  John Kountouris
Airs:   Saturday 5 PM ET/2 PM PT
[email protected]

WARNING: The broadcast you are about to hear is not intended to tickle your ears or appease your ignorance.  Greek News On Demand ( is show where we intend to get ALL the facts out about the Greek economic crisis and divulge to the public what’s REALLY gone on in Greece that past 6 years, WHO the main culprits behind this and WHAT the solutions are.  The Greek crisis has now taken on a new dimension, the Syrian/refugee crisis, but as you will see, the SAME players behind the collapse of Greece and the SAME ones behind the Syrian crisis and the refugee crisis, at large, across all of Europe!  

The New World Order is now finally…COMING TOGETHER, yet what very few realize is that before it does, it must ELIMINATE the foundation of Western Civilization and the Light of the world: THE GREEKS, THE CULTURE (HELLENISM) and THE FAITH!  So it’s up to us, as well as all freedom loving peoples of this planet, to RESIT IT and…DEFEAT IT. 

Here you will not only get THE BEST info. and intel. on Greece, but you will also get fresh updates on what it going on there in the political scene today.

This is one BIG FAT GREEK information load all packed within less that one hour so hang on tight!  

-John Kountouris



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