Show: Truther Talk Radio
Host:  April Boden & Virstyne Henry
Airs:   Wednesday 3 PM ET/12 PM PT
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April is a writer, a mother of a vaccine damaged child and a full time superhero. She is a joker, smoker, midnight toker, and…not trying to hurt no one. Okay those are song lyrics to a Steve Miller song but you get the idea. She takes her life challenges and certain subject matters very seriously, but prefers not to take herself too seriously. She has no favorite hobbies, pastimes, or fears. Didn’t you read? She’s a mother, there’s no time for that crap! For more information and to read April's work, go to: Aydan's Road to Recovery at

Virstyne is a writer, teacher, and aspiring polyglot. She loves chocolate, avocados, Veggie Grill, fighting evil, and mischief. She’s deadly afraid of palmetto bugs, bad vodka, and clowns. Her favorite pastime is playing Uno and doing laundry with her pet monkey Alejandro.

We’re a crime fighting, reptilian slaying team dedicated to fighting evil, ignorance, oppression , injustice and various other crimes against humanity. Our mission is to charter unexplored territory and spread knowledge, enlightenment, harmony, peace, personal empowerment, laughter, love and truth. 




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