Show: On the Brink
Host:  Jeff Wefferson
Airs:   Saturday 9 AM ET/6 AM PT
Web:  See Jeff's Links Below

'On the Brink with Jeff Wefferson' will explore some of the most urgent and relevant issues and topics concerning being here now as living human beings on Mothership Earth. Dominant themes will be the conflict between the beauty and power of nature and the out of balance destructive nature of human military-industrial civilization;  the related conflict between 'civilized' and 'indigenous' modes of being here now;  the nature and dynamics of our own internal psychological processes, as well as the psychology of mass-communication and its weaponization.  Other major topics will include the reality of the whales and dolphins, who they are and how they are under attack from us;  the 'new generation' of microwave-based technetronic weapons;  the psychology and dynamics of linguistic and non-linguistic communication, and most importantly, the 'ultimate technology', which is our birthright as living bio-cybernetic beings. We ARE on the brink...of the unknown...we are each responsible for the world we are creating."




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